Giving Back to Africa

As ambassadors of Africa to the rest of the world and especially to visitors, we’re committed to responsible and ethical tourism. We feel a strong sense of responsibility to invest our profits back into Africa and the communities we visit, so we choose specific community projects to support and then have our travellers join hands on these projects.

Our current projects are investing in Africa’s children through our Africa4us Kids Project. Our goal is to spread compassion, responsibility and empowerment to the leaders, the workers and the parents of the future by encouraging them to read. Books widen our horizons, foster an interest in other cultures and ideas and impart valuable wisdom for the future. Reading not only provides a momentary escape, but it can reduce our stress, promote analytical thinking and help develop vocabulary and memory skills.

Take a Book, Leave a Book

We set up pre-fabricated Book Exchange Structures through our partnerships with local schools and communities to enable this free sharing initiative. We will also introduce a “Take a Toy, Leave a Toy” initiative for the smaller children in select locations. Imagine the delighted smile on a child’s face as he or she discovers a new-to-them toy or a great story!

Africa4us arrange the venues and cover all transportation, construction and maintenance costs of this program. Passengers are then asked to bring a couple of books and/or some soft toys to help fill up these structures. We believe that with a consistent approach and a dedication to the initiative, the children will come to understand, appreciate and value the free choice and access to books and toys.

To minimize the impact and/or disruption to the daily routines of the children (and to make sure the focus of our visits remains true to our intention) we will not be visiting the locations to specifically meet the kids, but only to drop off supplies.

We are in a fortunate position to show visitors the real Africa – and whilst doing so also provide the means for all of us to give something back to this beautiful continent.