The Untamed Beauty, Culture, Food and Wildlife of Kenya through the eyes of Africa4us.

There are many reasons that millions of tourists make Kenya one of their top African destinations, among which is that Kenya is a melting pot of activities, destinations and culture which invites all visitors to throw all cares to the wind and join in the fun and adventure  around every corner in this beautiful country.

From wildlife safaris which are proof positive that Kenya is home to some of the most accessible game viewing in the world, and yes, home to the entire Big Five family, elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard and rhino.  The many game reserves and national parks spread throughout Kenya are also home to other wildlife which is unique to this area alone!

From wildlife safaris to hot air ballooning and scuba diving, you will never be short of exciting adventures as you explore this culturally diverse country. The wildebeest migration in Maasai Mara is considered one of the natural wonders of the world, but this is not the only interesting and exciting place of interest to visit in Kenya.

Mount Kenya is another of the natural wonders in Kenya, second highest only to Mount Kilimanjaro, but whether you choose to laze or swim in the warm tropical waters of the magnificent sandy beaches along the coast or explore the wide open spaces of the savannahs, undisturbed forests and deserts further inland, you will be surrounded by untouched beauty no matter where you go in Kenya.

Being on the equator you can be sure that there will be no extreme seasonal changes in the wonderful tropical climate Kenya offers, which means that all the activities, from wildlife safaris to beaches are available all year round.

Kenya’s beer is legendary, to the extent that Kenyan breweries are planning to export this national drink to the rest of the world, and if you want a truly great coffee, you will find it in Kenya!  Because of the wide diversity of tribes in Kenya, the ethnic cuisine off the beaten track in Kenya is far more interesting if you are a true adventurer than the standard up market restaurants in Kenya.

Despite the diverse culture and heritage for which Kenya is renowned, there is a great sense of peace, acceptance and closeness among the thirteen major ethic groups and the twenty-seven minor groups, which makes the Kenyan people amongst the warmest, friendliest and most hospitable in Africa.  Spending time with the unique Maasai is also a must if you are visiting Kenya!

What defines the approach of the Kenyans towards life is the Harambee culture, which means ‘to pull together’ which is Bantu in origin, meaning that the various cultures believe in and practice a sense of mutual responsibility, effort and assistance, no one is left out for being of a different culture in Kenya!

If you are really determined to make the most of everything that makes Kenya such a melting pot of cultures, then you have got to try the ‘real’ Kenyan food, which ranges from Ugali, which is a cake made from millet or maze flour, with meat or vegetables as accompaniments, or the Nayama Choma, which is one of the most popular dishes in Kenya, prepared by roasting beef or mutton over fire and served with veggies or Ugali, perfect food made by those who know how to do it best!

Exotic names like Sukima Wiki, a stew prepared from leafy green veggies and served with a variety of other dishes such as Kachumbari, Ugali and Nayama Choma are all just the tip of the iceberg where it comes to the incredible, mouth-watering dishes Kenyans have been passing down from generation to generation! Be prepared to set aside any ideas about knives and forks, digging in with hands and fingers is generally the very best way of enjoying traditional Kenyan cuisine!

If anyone knows about the finger licking pleasure of Kenyan food, then it is the Africa4us crew, who have made good friends with the locals who will treat you like family and feed you like royalty!

If you decide to do the epic Africa4us East meets South Premium Accommodated Adventure Tour your itinerary will definitely include Kenya, along with Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Botswana and South Africa, so book your seat for the overland safari of a lifetime!


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