For An Unforgettable African Adventure!
14 Days Okavango Delta & Victoria Falls to Johannesburg Accommodated Adventure

The Africa4us Premium Camping Tours may well be all about camping out under the African sky, but don’t be fooled for a second into thinking that it’s anywhere near as rough as you may imagine a camping adventure in Africa could be!

In the very first place, Africa4us overland trucks are unrivalled for sheer comfort, and with only 20 luxury seats available in these air-conditioned Adventure Overland Safari Vehicles, you will not be packed in like sardines, which is just another attribute that makes Africa4us stand out from the rest!

Camping with the Africa4us team is an amazing experience, their tents are always in great condition as well as being the pop-up type that leave no openings for creepy crawlies to find their way in to disturb your sleep – what you really want is to go to sleep with the roar of lions or any other wildlife that emerges at night, and then to wake up to the song of birds you will find nowhere but in Africa!

Africa4us overland camping safaris and adventure tours are rigged to adventure travellers who are quite comfortable with adventures that call for a little ‘roughing’ it, and who won’t mind getting down and dirty as they cover thousands of miles across the African landscape!

This is not to say that civilisation is that far off though!  The crew that guides you on your tour are so much more than your average guide, they have an astounding depth of knowledge about the wildlife and history of each part of your journey; the passion they have for what they do, and for the continent of Africa also extends to an awesome ability to rustle up 5 star meals out of thin air in the middle of nowhere!

There is a phenomenal mix of Premium Overland Camping Tours to choose from, carefully put together by a team that has travelled millions of miles across Africa for over seventeen years already; if you can’t find a Premium Overland Camping Tour that excites you with Africa4us, you won’t find it anywhere else!

Each overland adventure tour offers exciting adventures and activities along the way, so if you decide to do the 21 Days Cape To Victoria Falls overland adventure for example, other than soaking up the vibrancy of Cape Town at the start of the journey, the shifting sands of the Namib Desert and the majestic views of Victoria Falls, you will also be able to enjoy activities like dancing with the San (Bushmen), indulging in a Makoro excursion in the Okavango Delta and being blown away by the prolific wildlife in the Chobe National Park!

And that is just the tip of the ice-berg about what happens on one Africa4us Overland Adventure Tour!  There are so many different Premium Overland Camping Tours put together so well, that many travellers become a member of the Africa4us family by returning year after year, to make a real meal of every adventure on the menu!

It is almost impossible to remain satisfied with just one overland safari in Africa, once you have experienced this beautiful continent with the hospitality of Africa4us crews, the intimate experiences you will encounter with different indigenous tribes and a world teeming with wildlife of every description, it will be virtually impossible not to come back!

Perhaps the best place to start as you look for the Premium Overland Camping Tour you’d love is by checking out the most popular tours first, this might make your choice a little easier; then you can get on with booking your overland adventure tour with Africa4us – if anyone can show you the ‘real’ Africa, then it is this team!

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