Situated in the north-west of Botswana the delta comprises of marshlands and seasonally flooded plains, this is one of the major wetlands that is almost intact.  The delta is home to some of the world’s most endangered species of large mammal such as:

  • Cheetah,
  • White & Black Rhino
  • African Wild dog
  • Lion

At the centre of the delta is Chief’s Island, the largest island in the delta, once reserved as a hunting area for the chief it is home to a vast number of wildlife.  Experience how the locals travel around the delta in a Mokoro, also known as canoe.  The Mokoro is a common type of canoe traditionally made from the dug out trunks of trees.  Sit back and enjoy the tranquillity while the oarsman will be situated behind you pushing it with only a pole, similar those in venice.

As sustainable tourism is on the increase, the Mokoro’s are now made out of Fibreglass, and have kept the same shape as they would have had, had they been made out of trees.  The Mokoro is designed to fit two people and is the perfect option to get deeper into the delta where Game drive vehicles can not explore.  You may find you will feel closer at nature while on your excursion, as you will see varies reptiles, and water life.

As you glide along the delta, you may come across Elephant herds, buck and other wildlife that have decided to have a drink from the delta.  Don’t forget to spot for the Hippos and crocodiles, need worry though, your experienced guide knows exactly how to operate your Mokoro and the distance to keep from these majestic mammals.  You safety is their highest concern while on this breath-takingly beautiful experience.

How do I experience this you ask?

You can view our Okavango Delta and Zimbabwe tour here: Accommodated – 8 Days Okavango Delta and Victoria Falls. Camping – 8 Days Okavango Delta and Victoria Falls Serviced Camping

See you soon!

Written by: Daina Walters

Ever wondered why the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is one of the up and coming Hubs of Africa?  It’s simple – the Victoria Falls also known as Mosi-Oa-Tunya to the locals, has expanded in recent years to provide tourists with a variety of Adrenaline, Culture and Food experiences.

So for the Foodies out there, there are a number of fabulous restaurants, cafes and pubs for you to sink your teeth into such as – Zambezi House, The Three Monkeys, The Boma, the River Brewing Company and Wild Horizons Lookout Café.

Victoria falls is definitely the up and happening spot for adrenaline junkies with activities such as the famous Bungee Jump, Sky Diving (just recently introduced this year), White-water rafting and so much more.

If you are after gifts and souvenirs with an African vibe, then there are plenty of little gift shops in the city centre for you to browse in, everything from themed t-shirts to cutlery can be found.  All with authentic African touch and feel!

What activities do we recommend in Vic Falls?

We have picked a few of our top favourites:

Book a meal at the Boma – Dinner and Drum Show:  Enjoy a mighty feast with local delicacies and a live drum show.

Sunset Cruise – there are a variety of sunset cruises to choose from in the Victoria Falls, enjoy some light snacks, drinks and endless views of Zambia and Zimbabwe while cruising on the Zambezi — pure Bliss!

High Tea – at the Victoria Falls Hotel, one of the oldest and longest standing hotels in this idealic town.  The Stanley terrace has breath-taking views of the falls and spray in full flow season, the perfect location to enjoy Traditional afternoon tea.

Wild HorizonsOffers a variety of adrenaline focused activities, from Bungee jumping to Culture tours in nearby Villages.

Another of our favourites and must dos – Tribal Trap Escape Rooms, with only one hour to escape you have to solve a variety of clues дизайн человека расшифровка расчет карты консультация по дизайну человека, puzzles and riddles, the host Sangoma Nyathi is great and definitely worth a visit.

Victoria Falls, has something to offer everyone!  Choose between our Camping or Accommodated Adventure tours to exprience one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. We always recommend booking at least two nights pre or post tour to be able to enjoy Victoria Falls to it’s fullest.

Written By: Daina Walters

Nat Geo Traveller

Africa4us has been featured in the National Geographic Traveller – Africa Collection for 2018, the collection offers a variety of Accommodation, Tour Operators and Spas who can provide you with a great African experience.

Our tour Packages are multi-country.  Travel from Cape Town to Victoria Falls, with stops in Namibia and Botswana, along the way you will have many opportunities to experience their culture, vast landscapes, local cuisine and activities.  If you are more of the chill back and relax type, you can sip on a cocktail and watch the sunsets if that pleases you!

Africa4us has handpicked some of the best locations in the Southern hemisphere, from the Hustle and bustle of the City in Cape Town, the incredible Mokoro rides in the Okavango Delta, the Namib desert and their vast Landscapes to one of the seven wonders of the world the mighty Victoria Falls.

If you are an avid foodie and interested in learning about the different delicacies in Africa, then we recommend joining us for a trip of a lifetime.  Explore the markets in Cape Town, Namibia and Victoria Falls, chat to the locals and try their local cuisine, from Tripe and Mopane worms to Pluck (Heart, lungs etc).  You will find every destination has their own way of preparing these variety of weird snacks, we do recommend trying at least one if not all while on your trip with us.

Are you also an adrenaline junkie?  Along the way, you will find some great activities to participate in such as our own offering of Adventure Vehicles (applicable to certain tours only).

Here’s something most people don’t think about on their daily commute: cars in different countries have subtle differences to cater for different environments. Here’s an example – in much of the northern continental United States, you can buy a car with a heated steering wheel. We think that’s very cool, but if you’re in South Africa, we wish you luck trying to find a car equipped with one of those. It’s just one of the ways that local environment informs design, and the harsher the environment, the more design elements you have to think of to compensate for it.

Enter Africa – our wonderful, beautiful home, but also a place that’s prone to extreme heat and patchy infrastructure. Since starting our tour business 19 years ago, Africa has taught us many things, including how to design the first Premium Overland Safari Vehicle on the continent. Here, we’re going to share with you some of the most important ways that the African landscape and climate has shaped our safari vehicles’ design.

#1: Africa is hot. Like, really hot.

Driving through Kalahari Desert in the middle of summer is an interesting experience. It’s so hot and so dry that you can feel your mouth become dry just holding a conversation. So you can imagine that air conditioning was a top priority, but it wouldn’t be a premium safari if it was just air conditioning. Our vehicles come equipped with individual adjustable airflow nozzles for each seat, so you can control the air conditioning, and all the vehicles have its own built-in fridges so your favourite frosty beverage is always cold. It being Africa, the air conditioning can struggle a little at times, and our vehicles come prepared with a fresh air blower in case the A/C breaks down (not that it does, but it doesn’t hurt to be safe).

#2: The most reliable source of power is the sun.

Let’s face it, African countries are not known for their reliable electrical grids. This poses a problem for the modern traveller who lives off their mobile devices. Luckily, we do have one power source that’s pretty ubiquitous – the sun! Each of our luxury safari vehicles comes equipped with solar panels on the roof to help power the individual USB charging station built into each USS (Ultimate Safari Seat). After all, it wouldn’t be a premium tour if you didn’t have Instagram ready to go when you needed it (which on Africa4Us tours is a lot).

#3: Some of the roads haven’t been repaired in a little while…

Unfortunately in many parts of Africa maintaining roads and other infrastructure is not at the top of local government to-do lists, so, when we say we’re taking you off the beaten path, we mean it. Depending on the country, many of the roads we travel down are peppered with potholes, or are rocky dirt roads, or sometimes even a combination of both. It’s one of the reasons why our safari vehicles are custom-built and have surpassed all the rigorous safety tests we’ve put them through. All our vehicles have passed the stringent SABS ‘roll-over’ and ‘break-over’ tests. They also undergo roadworthy tests every 6 months and get fully serviced every 10,000 km. The result is a safe, comfortable ride through some of the wildest places in the world.

And those are just the top three. You can ready about all the luxury features our vehicles offer on our fleets page or in our brochure.

We appreciate all the lessons we’ve learned, and all the lessons we keep learning exploring Africa with you, but the lesson that we’re proudest of is the humility in the face of nature that the African continent has taught us – and that if you take nothing for granted, you can also plan for it.

We hope you’ll be joining us for a premium adventure soon!