Overland Safari put it at the top of your bucket list!

Going on Safari in style has become a reality with Africa4us12-seater luxury overland vehicles that have been designed to bring a whole new level of comfort for travellers who have wanted to do more than just ‘rough’ it in Africa.

With luxury seats that have been designed by Africa4us to make travelling over 1000’s of kilometres on challenging African roads a pleasure and with plenty of personal space around your seat, having a birds-eye view out of your own window is unique to Africa4us.  Overhead luggage space and a personal ‘box’ next to your seat that will hold cups or water bottles, with a safe and USB charging points reinforce the meaning of the words ‘safari’ and ‘luxury’!

With drivers who have travelled up and down throughout Africa for many years, the Africa4us overland safari is not only a statement in comfort, but is also one in which the safety and reliability of these vehicles takes first place and is easily felt by each traveller on board.

If you are camping a night or two along the way you will have to watch closely as your tent is raised because the Africa4us crew have got it down to such a fine art that if you blink you will miss it! These nifty tents zip-up every which way, making even the most nervous traveller feel safe from crawlies! Zipped up in your sleeping bag on the specially designed Africa4us camping mattresses that include a layer of memory foam takes camping on safari in Africa to a whole new level.

Whoever it was that said that an overland safari in Africa is hard and uncomfortable obviously never did it the Africa4us way! You will be amazed at the cuisine that your tour leader and driver will rustle up in no time at all; bringing five star food to the table from the lower level of their overland truck, a lower level that boasts an amazing amount of storage space and includes a roll-out awning.  Everything is organised and has its place, which makes setting up at each stop seem effortless.

On your accommodated overland safari, even the smallest one horse town in Africa has clean and comfortable rooms which have been selected by Africa4us as overnight stops on each leg of your journey to rest your weary head before you take on the next adventure-filled day.

The Africa4us crew is available to make sure that all your needs are attended to along the way, and in most cases their intuitive experience and passion for what they do will pre-empt your needs before you express them.  If doing an overland safari in style is at the top of your bucket list then Africa4us has a tour and destination to make your African adventure a reality!

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