Overland Africa Camping Safari

when it comes to overland adventure camping, Africa comes in the top of the list. Overland describes self-reliant adventure travel to remote destinations where the journey is the primary goal.  Overland Africa Camping Safari is the ultimateway of adventure that enables you to sleep outside underneath a clear, dark African sky full of millions of stars. Overlanding is all about exploring and experiencing Africa at grassroots level – with vehicles that are fully equipped for the terrain and team members who have spent thousands of hours ensuring that our travellers return home safely with so many unforgettable memories.

We make sure that we show the real Africa behind the scenes to all our visitors. We’re committed to offer responsible and ethical tourism. We feel a strong sense of responsibility to invest our profits back into Africa and the communities we visit, so we choose specific community projects to support and then have our travellers join hands on these projects. On our camping trips, we use dome tents with mosquito netting over the door and window areas and we provide the best and most comfortable mattresses in our industry, guaranteed! Tents are super easy to erect and your crew will always be there to assist and help.

Our camping trips takes you through some of the most breathtaking landscapes and nature that Africa has to offer. The sites we stay at are all beautifull campsites either inside or just outside of National Parks. All our campsites are carefully chosen for their location and service levels – we camp close to craters and on savannah plains, beneath the limbs of massive trees and sometimes amongst the wildlife in game reserves. All you need to bring is your clothes and camera because we supply all camping equipment such as tents, mattresses, sleeping bags (for hire), chairs, catering etc – everything is provided to you. With the execption of campsites in East Africa, all camp sites have fresh water, hot showers, normal toilets and most have swimming pools. Africa4Us is proud to be able to offer you a higher level of comfort on your budget-friendly Africa Budget safaris than the competition.  If you have any questions regarding our tour packages or services please visit our frequently asked question page or send us a message so we can contact you.