Months of Hard Work and Many Travels Africa4us Welcomes You to a Brand New Website.

After months of hard work and miles of travels to lay the groundwork, Africa4us bids you welcome to their newly launched website, designed to give you a virtual window into everything on offer for the best overland safaris in Africa!

This new website is so user friendly that it is effortless to find the perfect tour to make your dreams of an African adventure come true. Each tour that is listed on the Africa4us website is clearly marked as either a camping or accommodated adventure in order to suit your idea of the perfect overland safari.

Itineraries for each tour is set out in a way that makes planning your adventure fun and exciting, with glimpses into each of the destinations and stops along the way that make for interesting reading.  Every Africa4us overland vehicle is designed for maximum comfort, whether you choose an accommodated safari in their premium 12 seat vehicle or a camping adventure in the larger, but equally comfortable 20 seat vehicle.

Perhaps the best place to start, before you even get to looking at the fantastic tours on the Africa4us website, is to check out the video that takes you inside and out of these awesome vehicles, no doubt the only problem you will have after that is to decide which adventure tour you will be booking!  Looking into the background of Africa4us on their website will give you insight into just what it is that has driven this team to reach exceptional heights of success after sixteen years and millions of miles across the African continent, which is evident in how carefully they have put together the best overland safaris in Africa.

The new Africa4us website lists everything you you can look forward to on each tour, from optional activities to everything that is included in your tour package as well as a map marking each leg of the journey and a gallery of stunning photographs that reflect the very best of each country and its highlights.

On the new Africa4us website you will be able to view the initiative of this team to give back to this land they love by creating partnerships with local schools, orphanages and communities, which invites travellers to join hands with them in adding as many books as possible to these libraries throughout Africa, as well as bringing along a few small toys to light up the lives of some of the younger children in these communities.

The prices of tour packages are included on the Africa4us website along with a list of tours that are aimed at a specific budget, with regular ‘early bird’ specials listed on the website which are well worth keeping an eye on.

A tour through the new Africa4us website will definitely move your African adventure to the top of your bucket list; all you have to do is choose your adventure and book it on the site, the team at Africa4us will make sure that you have everything you need to be fully prepared for an overland safari in style.

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