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A geological term used to describe areas or countries that are rich in minerals. Even more, geology is an earth science concerned with the solid earth, the ground as we know it.

On our Africa4us adventure, we visited the most beautiful places. Places formed over time, telling a story and revealing the natural history of nature. Not only revealing history but also determining many factors. Different types of soil, bring forth certain types of plants and in turn, this will determine what kinds of animals will naturally live in the area.

It is overwhelming to comprehend the geological beauty known as the Cape Town area. Home to the natural wonder, Table Mountain.

She is a proud lady, exposing her sedimentary rocks (sandstone) for all to admire. She is securely attached on a solid cape granite (igneous intrusive) base. Visiting her leaves emotional memories, for she was created over time by natural history and is globally known as one of the SEVEN NATURAL WONDERS OF THE WORLD. Bold and in your face, you will be swept away by the tranquillity that is her natural history of +/- 450 million-year-old sandstone. In contrast, human history, even though interesting, can awoke war, not only peace.

As we further embark on our adventure, we move into a different area historically formed by nature. Here it is Fynbos accompanying us all the way up the West Coast of Southern Africa.

The type of soil has made for a complete biome change, crossing over the beautiful Piekenierskloof Mountain Pass. Nature proves her history again, driving through an area that is responsible for all the Redbush Tea exported all over the world.

Over millions of years, the mineral-rich rocks have deteriorated into a mineral-rich soil that the Redbush Tea thrives in. Even better, the tea is caffeine-free, healthy in Vitamin C and helps fight free radicals, getting you ready to enjoy the next part of our adventure. To be continued…

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