Live life large with an adventure tour into the vastness of Namibia

Namibia is one of the largest countries in Africa, even by African standards, with miles and miles of an endless variety of wildlife species as well as being a country that offers an ever changing landscape of every kind.

For over 11, 000 years The San (Bushmen) have lived in this country and have left a visual legacy of their history dating back thousands of years on rocks and in caves scattered throughout Namibia.

Where desert meets ocean, the Skeleton Coast is aptly named because it is one of the harshest and wildest coastlines in Africa with more than a thousand ships have been shipwrecked where the desert meets the sand and is known to the San as ‘The land God made in anger’, and the contrast between desert and ocean is a sight not to be missed.

Rich in diamonds, wildlife and an endless horizon, Africa4us has tailored overland adventure tours to Namibia that will introduce you to Namibia’s vast desert landscape and show you the many captivating moods of this region, in the land where lions, elephants and rhino’s roam freely.

From the unrivalled beauty of a sunset at the Fish River Canyon and journeying in comfort across the Namib Desert to the unique Etosha National Park, with its guarantee of sighting game as a result of the abundant wildlife that congregates around the various waterholes, Africa4us will transport you in a Premium Overland Safari Vehicle fitted with 20 luxury seats that ensure you get close to the land and experience all that the region has to offer in comfort.

With time to explore on your own and choose from activities like hikes or skydiving, Africa4us will take you on a journey that will allow you to soak up the beauty and diversity of Southern Africa and our team of experienced locals will offer you guidance on which overland tour would be the perfect one for your adventure if you have not already made up your mind.

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January 8, 2020
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