List of Things To Do While on an Overland Safari
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There are actually too many things to do on an overland Safari with Africa4us to list them all here, and some of the major experiences that offer a fascinating look at many different cultures and breathtaking natural beauty in Africa is also quite a challenge in choices, but here are just a few ideas of what to expect on an overland safari with Africa4us.

No matter which of the overland safaris you choose to do with the Africa4us crew, they will introduce you to so many aspects of this continent of contrasts which will leave you with a deeper understanding of why Africa features at the top of millions of bucket lists.

Africa4us will bring you face to face with the Big 5 and other prolific African wildlife in game reserves such as the Kruger National Park, Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary and Etosha Pan, giving you moe than enough time to enjoy a myriad of wildlife that includes Zebra, Giraffe, Elephant, Gemsbok, Kudu, Lion, Cheetah, Rhino and Buffalo.

Standing on the banks of the Victoria Waterfall, taking a sunset boat cruise on the Chobe River or eating breakfast as the sun rises over the Serengeti are just a few examples of incredible memories that are made on an African overland safari with Africa4us.

Camping anywhere under the African sky where the stars seem so close that you could reach out and touch them is a must, or falling asleep to the distant roar of lions and other wildlife that make the most of the cool African nights, there is no other experience that comes close to these sights and sounds, and the Africa4us crew know how to it all safely and in style.

Africa is made up of her people as much as her natural beauty, and on overland safari’s with Africa4us you will have the opportunity to experience many different cultures, such as dancing with the San (Bushmen), meeting the chief of a traditional Himba village or enjoying an adventurous mokoro excursion in the Okavango Delta, to name just a few of the experiences with indigenous people spread along your journey.

From the arid beauty of the Namib Desert to the Ngorongoro Crater in the Serengeti with its mini-world that comprises a lake, forest, swamp and grassland you will be putting together unforgettable moments that will form the memories and images you take back home at the end of your safari.

The Africa4us crew know this land intimately and are passionate about showing you every treasure along the way, off and on the beaten track; rest assured that these highlights mentioned are really just titbits in comparison to the whole list of things to do on an overland safari with Africa4us.

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