Do you know what lies at the end of this path?
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Legends are made to be explored, and if anyone is able to show you how to explore some of the oldest legends in Africa then it is the Africa4us crew.  It really is quite an experience to spend time with this crew and share their deep and abiding love for all that is Africa, from the rich forests and endless savannahs of Eastern Africa to the red and gold of the Namibian Desert!

The Namibia Explorer, Delta, Falls and Kruger Premium Accommodated Adventure Tour with Africa4 us will bring you to the Brandberg Mountains on your way from coastal Swakopmund to Xhorixas, a mountain range which is home to over 50, 000 pieces of rock art, among which is the most famous of all, the White Lady, which is believed to be 2 000 years old.

When the crew of Africa4us tell you to take lots of water, believe them, because after the cool ocean breeze, the heat in the ‘Burning Mountain’ or Brandberg, so called for the glowing colours reflected during sunsets, is intense.  Just the hour long hike to the White Lady is worthwhile in itself; the dung of desert elephants recently passed, depending on the time of day or perhaps a leopard footprint, in the silence between the blue sky and red earth leaves you in no doubt that you are definitely in Africa.

The White Lady was discovered in 1917 by a German topographer, but whether it is a lady or not has been a debatable point, depending on whom you talk to.  The White Lady sits in the centre of rock paintings of animals which were used in shamanic rituals, which is why it is generally believed that ‘she’ is a ‘he’, in addition to the fact that there is evidence of phallus decorations along with a bow and arrows. Another give away to the belief that the White Lady was in actual fact a shaman is the antelope-tail fly whisks, knee and arm straps along with dancing rattles used during ritual dances.

The site which White Lady calls home in the Brandberg at this highest point above sea level in Namibia is believed to have been used for rituals, which is evident in the specific animals depicted as having supernatural powers. The Africa4us crew will drop you at the start of the hike to White Lady where your local Damara guide will take over, this is also a treat you can look forward to, these guides know this area like the back of their hand, and while you huff and puff away under the Namibian sun, he or she will be walking and talking as if it was a walk in the park!

One thing you can be sure of, at the end of this adventure into the legend of the White Lady, you will be ready to strip off and dive into the pool once you get to your accommodation!


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