Hop on an overland truck to the Fish River Canyon in style!
Photo by: Roam to Discover

If you have ever longed to hear the call of the Fish Eagle then a good place to start is just across the border from South Africa and into Namibia at the Felix Unite camping site on the banks of the Gariep River!  From here, Africa4us will take you in their beautiful overland truck to the Fish River Canyon.

A glass of wine as the sun goes down across the river and then dinner by candlelight, prepared by the Africa4us crew, a dinner which by the way would put any cordon bleu chef to shame, and you will be ready to zip up your Africa4us tent and stretch out on a super comfortable memory foam mattress to get a good night’s sleep in before hitting the road.

Make sure you look up at the stars before you hit the sack, it’s a breathtaking sight which makes you feel as if all you have to do is stretch up and pluck one out of the sky!  Starting the day in the peace and quiet as you watch the sun rise over the meandering Gariep River will be an experience you will want to relive once you get back to the hectic pace of ‘civilisation’, a memory to carry you through harried and rushed mornings ahead back home.

This is not one of those mornings where you have to scuttle to get on the road before sunrise, which means that you will have the time to take a canoe down the river before you finally head out, but a whatever you do, whether it’s a refreshing trip on the river or a relaxing morning soaking up the sights and sounds, you will be shoring up for the longish drive to the Fish River Canyon, the largest canyon in Africa, in time to make the sunset.

The comfort of the luxury seats designed by Africa4us will make the bumps to come a lot more comfortable than any other overland truck will, but, this is Africa and bumping, slipping and sliding are all part of your African adventure!  Not too far along the journey you will see the cleanest, neatest local villages you will ever come across, home to those who work in the surrounding vineyards.  The vineyards are a sight to see in this arid landscape, rich swathes of green breaking the harshness of this dry and sandy region.

By the time you reach the spot where the Africa4us crew will drop you off in the Fish River Canyon you will be very grateful for the air-conditioning that comes part and parcel of the Africa4us overland truck experience!  While you are not able to hike in alone to the Fish River Canyon, the crew will drop you in an area that will give you enough of a hike to enjoy the absolute vastness surrounding you before you reach the ridge of the canyon.

The Fish River Canyon is second in size only to the Grand Canyon, and while it may not be as big, the colours and changes in the rock formations that form the canyon are an awesome sight, it is as if you can hear the earth calling out its history to you in the layers and formations that tell the ancient story.

After spending time at the edge of the Fish River Canyon you will join the Africa4us crew for snacks and wine in style at the main viewpoint, which gives you a stunning view of the changing colours that ripple through the sky as the sun goes down and the stars begin to take their place in the evening sky!

If taking an overland truck to the Fish River Canyon is on the horizon for you then make sure that you experience it in comfort and style in the company of guides passionate about everything that makes Africa the number one adventure holiday on millions of bucket lists!

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