Introducing the Most Comfortable Premium Overland Safari Vehicles

Take the business class in an aeroplane, rip the wings off, add wheels and there you have it, the most luxurious overland safari vehicle available in Africa!  The team at Africa4us, who are actually more like a family passionate about everything to do with Africa, put all the research in and invested heavily in creating a premium seat setup, and are proud to introduce the Ultimate Safari Seat (USS) to our passengers.

Sinking into this seat for the first time, with all the legroom you could possibly need with its footrest, made it hard to believe that it was perched on a combination of a truck chassis and in a custom-built coach body!  This combination is clearly aimed at offering maximum dependability as well as luxury and comfort at the perfect height from which to view the stunning landscape and wildlife that Africa has to offer.

With seating limited to 12 travellers on our Premium Adventure Tours, you will have your own window seat along with an adjacent personal space that acts as a small table top for your laptop or camera, as well as a cup rest.  Inside this magical little box are 2 USB charge points as well as additional ports in the storage space above you, so that even while you are ‘roughing’ it you can remain in touch with ‘civilisation’.

Not only are the new Ultimate Safari Seats (USS) sheer luxury for the many hours spent on the road, but, if you have chosen to camp out under the African Sky, you will be provided with a mattress made for comfort with a solid backing and memory foam on top to give you a great night’s sleep.  Another ‘little’ luxury on board is a dedicated fridge for your drinks along the way to quench your thirst, along with an air conditioner to keep you cool on hot African days with the addition of curtains that will protect you from the sun if it gets too harsh!

From years of experience roughing it through many African Adventure Tours, the team at Africa4us know that the choice of vehicle is paramount to the success of every adventure. From that experience we knew that standard bus or coach vehicles were just not strong enough or dependable enough to carry all the extra weight and equipment that we have to carry along on our tours.  Negotiating on challenging terrain and roads in the harsh African climate makes the choice of chassis very important as well, and after almost 17 on the road, we have built up an exceptional backup system throughout Africa with our manufacturer.

Safety is an essential element when it comes to our vehicles and their bodies, and not only have they all passed the stringent SABS “roll-over” and “break-over” tests, but they undergo extensive roadworthy tests every six months.  Added to this, there is a thorough overhaul done on each vehicle every 10 000km’s with fully operational workshops in Cape Town and Nairobi run by dedicated teams.

Africa4us teamed up with registered engineering firms who took the design of the coach body so seriously that it exceeds industry standards to give you the best experience on your African Adventure Tour.

The ‘kitchen’ under the coach consists of a gas/propane stove and everything needed to set up breakfast, lunch and dinner while you seat yourself on comfy chairs around a table, with an awning that can be pulled out to provide protection from rain and sun.  Also hidden under the coach are the spacious luggage compartments.

From the mechanic and stores manager to the director, the family at Africa4us are passionate about taking you on the adventure of your life through Africa in style and luxury!


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Solar Panels on the roofs of our vehicles to provide our travellers with 24/7 rechargeable power for your electronic devices.


Specially designed, dual-density camping mattresses for a extra comfort to ensure our camping travellers can enjoy a good night sleep.

Travellers with truck

Providing our travellers with plenty opportunities for a lifetimes worth of memories.

More features

All our Overland Safari Vehicles have the same standard premium specifications but the seating configurations have all been designed to suit the tour style:

Premium Accommodated Adventure Tours:

  • Only 12 seats per vehicle for a more exclusive and intimate touring experience – 1 traveller on each side of the vehicle.
  • Your own luxury, reclining seat with exceptional space and an ergonomic, oversized backrest, leaving you with a private seating space and dedicated sliding window perfect for wildlife viewing
  • Your own private safe for your most important valuables, such as your wallet and passport inside your own dedicated, private storage space for personal belongings, such as your camera, phone, tablet and laptop.
  • Your own dual USB (3.1Amps) charging station next to your seat.

Premium Overland Vehicle 1
Adventure Overland Safari Vehicle

Premium Camping Adventure Tours:

  • Only 20 seats per vehicle with a 2 + 2 configuration per row.
  • Luxury, reclining seats with side sliding mechanisms
  • Personal packing space provided in the luggage rack above your seat
  • USB charging station close to your seat

All vehicles feature:

  • Three-Way safety belts per seat
  • Storage for your main luggage in separate compartments under the seating area (accessed from the outside of the vehicle)
  • Adjustable airflow so you control the air conditioning according to your personal comfort
  • Fresh air blower as backup in case of Air conditioning breakdown (yep! It is Africa!)
  • Fully-equipped kitchen for delicious and nutritious meals.
  • 24-Volt Fridge and Freezers to keep everything fresh as well as a dedicated one for passenger drinks
  • Specially designed, dual-density camping mattresses – 10cm thick – for premium comfort
  • Africa4us memory foam travel pillow
  • Intercom and PA system between seating area and driver to ensure clear communication at all times.
  • Inverters for your AC charging needs (South African plug – 220-240V) so you are not without electricity during your Premium Adventure Tour
  • Solar panels to trickle charge the dual battery systems, which ensures ongoing electrical power – even when the vehicle is stationery
  • Communal 220 – 240V charging stations for when the vehicle is stationary in camps and connected to Mains AC supply

We have researched and invested heavily in our premium vehicles, and we are proud to offer a “one of a kind” seating experience for our passengers.

Mercedes Benz Luxury Fleet

We also have luxury Mercedes Benz Sprinter Midi-busses for smaller groups.  Depending on the demand for tours at the time of departure, these vehicles are used on our South Africa tours if the group size allows it.  These vehicles offer the same luxurious experience as the African Safari Fleet. Each Mercedes Benz is fitted with all the above specifications for comfort and safety. Before departure, your Africa4us Tour Team will let you know which premium vehicle you will have for your Adventure Tour.

Our Fleet is ideal for all Road Conditions

Road conditions can vary from brand new to very poor condition. This style of travel is adventurous by nature, as we are traveling in an overland safari vehicle. This allows us the flexibility of making stops when needed and reaching some out-of-the way parts of Africa where traditional tours would not dare to go. Please note that our vehicles do not have on-board bathrooms. Not to worry; there are many places to stop en route.  This is not a physically demanding journey; however, travelling can be somewhat tiresome with long drives and poor road conditions at times. Please take note of the travel times and distances in your itinerary and consider that this is often on poor quality, bumpy roads. We have gone to great lengths to provide a comfortable and frankly unique seating experience which will make your journey a lot more fun!