What other health hazards should I be aware of? 

What other health hazards should I be aware of?  


  • Africa has its share of insects. Mosquitos are more commonly found in areas with a high rainfall. Sand flies, though commonly found on the coast, can also be found in dry areas. Both are found to come out in the evening and early mornings.  
  • Some precautions to take against insect bites:
  • Wear protective clothing, long sleeve shirts and trousers.  
  • Wear natural colours, khaki or olive.  Bright colours tend to attract insects.  
  • Use a mosquito net. 
  • Use insect repellents 


  • Africa is the continent of sun. Throughout the year it is advisable to use sunscreen and a hat when outdoors. 


  • Drink water! It is important to stay hydrated, especially in extreme heat. You will be advised if waterquality is not for human consumption.  If it comes out of a tap, it is not necessarily safe. Bottled water is readily available to purchase. 


  • It is normal for people travelling overseas to get an upset stomach due to a change of climate and food. Be sure to look after your food and personal hygiene as a priority to ensure an enjoyable trip. 

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