What is your policy on illegal behaviour or behaviour compromising the safety or wellbeing of the group?  

What is your policy on illegal behaviour or behaviour compromising the safety or wellbeing of the group?   

  • It is in the best interest of all our travellers that we maintain a strict policy of zero tolerance with regards to illegal behaviour. This includes but is not limited to the use of illegal substances, prostitution, theft etc. 
  • Disrespectful behaviour towards other group members, your adventure crew, border officials, accommodation personnel, service providers and the public in general, will not be tolerated. 
  • Endangering the group or compromising the group experience will not be tolerated, examples are but are not limited to:
  • Not adhering to safety regulations during game drives and game walks
  • Not adhering to park rules, and country laws.
  • Cultural insensitivity, racism, sexism, ageism, inappropriate jokes towards religion or sexual orientation etc.  
  • We do not want to put a damper on the joking around and light-heartedness of a tour but it must not be at the cost of offending or hurt people’s feelings. 
  • Our tour leaders have the authority to address any of the above issues and to take the necessary action in consultation with Africa4us, even if it means to ask a group member to leave the trip to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the trip for the rest of the group. 
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