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Our team at Africa4us do not call ourselves the best overland tour company in Africa, our many clients who have experienced and enjoyed the benefit of our 16 years of offering the best tours throughout Southern and Eastern Africa do that for us.  With vehicles that have travelled over millions of miles and the commitment of our team members who have, with their combined knowledge and experience, ensure that throughout these years our customers return home with unforgettable memories to share.

It has taken a passion for Africa in our team to build our reputation for the ability to engender the level of trust our customers have in us to show them the beauty and culture of Africa in an enriching and safe environment to make us one of the best overland tour companies in Africa.

Our guides are all proud ambassadors of Africa, born and bred across this land of exquisite beauty, vast expanses and colourful locals on this second largest continent in the world.  With a deep love for Africa combined with extensive knowledge of the region, our tour guides are able to focus on creating only the most stunning and unforgettable experience for our customers.

Whether you decide on an adventure into countries like Namibia and Botswana, exquisite Cape Town and beyond, or into the heart of Eastern Africa through Swaziland to Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar, we are confident that as the best overland tour company, Africa4us will offer you the experience of a lifetime.

Africa4us have made it as simple as possible to cover as many of the beautiful sights and experiences of our diverse terrain as possible with each of our overland tours.  We invite you to experience wildlife that unseen anywhere else in the world, including the ‘Big 5’ that is as much a part of the history of this magnificent continent as its diverse scenic beauty and colourful locals and its ancient history.

Book your adventure tour with Africa4us and allow our team to take you on an overland tour across the continent of Africa in our vehicles made for comfort with roomy seats and window access, we will show you exactly why we are considered the best overland tour company in Africa!

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