Why you should explore Africa on an Africa4us adventure tour!

Of the many adventures that Africa4us will take you on in Africa, I am going to focus on the children, beauty, adventure and the different cultures you will come into close contact with on their Namibia Explorer, Delta, Falls and Kruger Premium Accommodated Adventure for this blog, which will take you from Windhoek, Namibia to Johannesburg, South Africa.

The reason that Namibia has been chosen is simply because any African adventure, and all the reasons that make Africa a dream destination for you are simply too diverse to go into in one blog.  From Cape Town to Kenya, the children, beauty, adventure and incredible diversity of cultures is such that it would take a year or more to delve into each facet of the destinations along the Africa4us routes, which have taken the crews to the most stunning parts of Africa for sixteen years now, leaving thousands of travellers awestruck at the enormity of this continent in every sense.

Getting back to the point, we’ll start with the children of Namibia, although children throughout Africa are the essence of pure joy and are not in the least shy to share their sunshine with anyone crossing their path.  I vividly recall an experience that involved our tour group, stopping at Opuwu to get as many basic supplies for the people in terms of food and school items for the children at a school which seemed to be in the middle of nowhere, between Opuwo and the traditional Himba village we would visit later in the day.

Children of every age played the simplest of games with screams of laughter at a school with no shelter from the sun and dust for a playground, yet their spirits were in no way dampened by the fact that they had little in the way of material possessions, had to walk very long distances to get to and from school, yet seemed to be doing well with the help of dedicated teachers and a headmaster who was a truly exceptional human being. There was a sense of joy among these children that simply does not exist in schools in any main centre.

The cultural mix in Namibia is vast, with the largest ethnic group being the Owambo, with the Kavango, Herero, Damara and Caprivian people also having significant populations, where children are taught the stories of their ancestors, some of which will go to school and some who will remain as part of cultures determined to maintain their rights to their ancestral lands and cultural ancestry. These are cultures who tell the time of day by the stars and the way the sun moves across the sky, who live with an order as natural as the land they inhabit.

Some of the smaller groups like the Himba in the north and the San (Bushmen) in the east remain committed to their age-old nomadic and semi-nomadic lifestyles. It is not surprising to see Himba, Damara, Owambo and other cultures walking down the main street of some Namibian towns, with the odd pig or goat thrown into the mix!

The beauty of Namibia is indisputable, every bit as much as that of East Africa is, but for entirely different reasons, which is why Africa is an explorer and adventure seeker’s paradise!  Namibia is a land of contrasts and vast spaces that stretch as far as the eye can see and is considered the largest country on the African continent.  There is an abundant of life beneath the surface of Namibia as well as an abundance of wildlife, which includes the Big 4 (no buffalo in Namibia!), all of whom have adapted to the arid conditions in which they live.

Any visit to Africa is an adventure, whether you choose to travel from the south to the east or north to west, and if any team of adventurers can show you the best of it all in sheer comfort, opening the culture, the wildlife and the treasures that encompass the beauty that is Africa, it is the Africa4us team.  Visit their user friendly website which is visually stunning and choose the cultures, wildlife, children and beauty you would like to have an up close and personal experience with no matter where they take you in Africa! This is one decision you will never regret!


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