Don’t settle for anything less than the best African Safari overland

When Africa4us uses the word ‘Premium’ they mean it, in every sense of the word, whether you choose an accommodated overland tour or a camping overland adventure, the emphasis is on sheer comfort and style!

Travellers have a selection of full package tours that can last up to 39 days, taking you from Southern Africa right up into East Africa with unforgettable experiences every step of the way, or, the option combining tours (Combo Tours) to add a few more destinations to your original package!

One example of this is that should travelers select a 14 day tour of South Africa for instance, there is the option of combining this tour, which would take you either from Cape Town to Windhoek, Namibia, or from Windhoek to Cape Town, and add a 21 day adventure tour that will add an exciting journey from Windhoek (or the other way around from Cape Town, depending on your starting point) to Victoria Falls and Zambia!

An overland adventure like this with Africa4us will take you from the vibrancy of Cape Town, to the shifting red sands of the Namibian desert, across to the Okavango Delta, rich with teeming wildlife, and from there, across to the breath-taking world of thundering falls and rain forests of the Victoria Falls!

An Africa4us East African Northbound Overland Adventure will take you on experiences like game drives in South Luangwa, meeting the locals at villages in Malawi, taking the ferry to Zanzibar to take a legendary Spice Tour in vibrant surroundings filled with the colours and sounds of spice traders who have passed their knowledge of spices down through generations!

An East African overland adventure like this, laid on by the passionate team from Africa4us will also include game drives in 4×4 Safari Vehicles in the Serengeti and down into the Ngorongoro Crater – to miss the magic of the wildlife and beauty that comes with every Africa4us overland tour package is an experience that everyone should be entitled to at least once in a lifetime!

The Africa4us crew that takes you on any package tour across this continent they love are truly the best kind of guides anyone could hope for; they know exactly where to find the best of everything, whether it is the perfect view of wildlife (it is worth noting here that no crew can beat the Africa4us team where it comes to spotting wildlife hidden to ‘ordinary’ human eyes!), to the most spectacular views and very best accommodation or camping sites – even the places they choose along the way to set up lunch in the middle of nowhere always carry a sense of the magical!

Once you decided on your Africa4us overland tour package you can rely on this organised, friendly and passionate team to ensure that you know exactly what you need to pack, how to organise the money you need to bring along for the extra’s you are definitely going to be adding to the luggage you take back home and so much more; they really leave nothing to chance!

If being packed like sardines into a tour bus that rushes you from one destination to another as fast as possible sends shivers down your spine, then any Africa4us African adventure tour package that sends your imagination wild will be right up your alley for an adventure that is incomparable and unrivalled by any other African tour company you could possibly choose!

The only decision left to make is which of the tour packages will echo your dream of an overland African adventure, and then to prepare to head out for an other-worldly experience with Africa4us!

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