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Over the course of 18 years, and hundreds of thousands of kilometers stretching across Africa, the team at Africa4us have used their in-depth knowledge of this beautiful continent to refine overland African adventure tours down to a fine art, ensuring that there is an overland tour to suit everyone ready to take on the adventure of a lifetime!

It really doesn’t matter which Africa4us style of overland tour you choose, you can look forward to spending your adventure with a crew that is passionate about the comfort of every traveler they meet, every step of the way!

This passion and commitment includes the whole shebang, from what can only be considered 5 star food prepared at their own hands in the wilds of Africa, true story, (in fact, you may need to go on a diet when you get back home!) to taking care of the smallest details to make sure that you are absolutely comfortable, whether in their luxury overland trucks, in a tent or in ‘civilised’ accommodation!

Each morning you will know exactly what the day ahead holds, and in the evening, the fun and laughter shared around a fire under stars close enough to touch, or a table filled with the local fare of the area you are visiting, will add yet another special dimension to your African adventure and the new family you join!

There are two Africa4us travel styles to choose from, although the second style is broken into two sections, which means that you get to go on adventure that aligns perfectly with the African overland adventure you are ready to cross off your bucket list – and the one that suits your budget!

Each style of travel varies in terms of the accommodation, vehicle and the different inclusions of each tour, but whatever your choice is, you can look forward to a first-class experience on every level, from the comfort of the Africa4us overland trucks to the exciting destinations along the way!

The first travel style is called a Serviced Camping Adventure Tour, and ‘premium’ is the operative word here!  These camping adventure tours are designed for travellers who would enjoy a community camping-style adventure, one that is also aimed at the more budget conscious traveller looking for more than a hurried, overcrowded experience of Africa.

Comfort is still at the top of the agenda on the Premium Camping Adventure tours laid on by Africa4us, no overland truck can beat the comfort of the seats in these trucks that are designed to take on rough African terrain with serious gumption!

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Although you start and end your Africa4us overland camping adventure in a hotel, what happens in-between is what counts if you really want to enjoy Africa in its purely natural state! It is the closest you will come to meeting up with a regal Oryx or sweet, harmless fox on the way to the loo at night with your torch!

Naturally, if there are lions or any of the other less ‘sweet’ African giants around your camping site, your Africa4us guides will be keeping you absolutely safe;  their vast experience of the camp sites you will be visiting is something you can rely on implicitly!  After all, Africa4us has waved goodbye to thousands of clients who have all made it safely home after their African adventure!

If camping isn’t your thing, the second travel style offered by Africa4us, which is broken into two sections, will be right up your alley!

The first is the Southern Africa Premium Accommodated Adventure Tours, and this is where you are looking at an even more serious level of luxury!  Ultimate Safari Seats, designed by the Africa4us team in conjunction with top engineers, give you a view of Africa from the comfort of these luxury seats through your own window – no trying to crane your neck to look past the person sitting next to you to catch sight of a world teeming with wildlife and vistas that stretch on forever!

Both Premium Accommodated Tours, the Southern African and Rustic styles, seat only 12 travelers, 6 on either side of the truck, offering a ton of space as well as a personal ‘goodie’ box that contains a safe and space for laptops, cameras and plenty of USB ports for keeping your gadgets powered up throughout the journey!

Accommodated Tour A will ensure that you have a good night’s sleep after what can sometimes be long days on the road in lodges, hotels, bungalows and even traditional huts along the way!  After many years on the road, Africa4us crews will only take you to locations that will get you up-close and personal with nature in beautiful settings surrounded by breath-taking scenery, all of which can be enjoyed in true Africa4us style and class!

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Accommodated Tour B offers a more rustic experience of the accommodation in East Africa, which, although always clean and comfortable, is as rustic and simple as the people and traditions of ancient cultures who have lived in this rich, vibrant corner of Africa for centuries, but, the luxury, great food and outstanding hospitality of both the local communities and the Africa4us crew continue the tradition of absolute class and style!

On your East African Accommodated Tour you will have many opportunities to enjoy the traditional food prepared by different communities at local restaurants along the way, however, first class breakfasts, lunch and dinner’s in-between will be rustled up by a crew who really do belong in five star restaurants!

It can truly say that Africa4us is the Rolls Royce of African Overland adventures and tours, and whether you choose to do it solo or experience the adventure with a few friends, it will be a journey that will remain a treasured memory for the rest of your life!

Choose your adventure, make the booking and get packed, there really is no time like the present to give yourself this gift of a lifetime!

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