From Cape Town to Nairobi, from Table Mountain to Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro, these are just a few teasers of what to expect on your journey when you travel on safari through Africa, from South Africa to Tanzania with Africa4us.

Every stop along the way on this safari in a premium overland vehicle restricted to just 12 luxurious seats, is an encounter with stunning natural beauty and a mixed pot of cultural experiences that change with each stopover along the way.

Starting out in at the tip of Africa with a visit to the Cape of Good Hope forming the meeting place of two powerful oceans is an amazing start an overland safari into the heart of Africa, bringing together the best of South, West and Eastern Africa. The Africa4us crew, made up of your tour leader and driver, have travelled these routes hundreds of times and have an in depth knowledge of the wildlife, flora, fauna and indigenous people based on the abiding love they have for the African continent and what they do, infecting every traveller who chooses to travel on a safari through Africa from South Africa to Tanzania with this passionate team.

Travelling on an overland safari through Africa is definitely one of the adventures most listed on the bucket lists of travellers throughout the world who want to experience all they possibly can of this land and its people, and few African safaris can offer the myriad of experiences in one as a safari from South Africa via Namibia to Kenya will.

Whether you choose an accommodated or camping safari, there is no other African tour operator who can match the spacious luxury of the 12-seater Africa4us overland vehicle and a crew who will guide you with effortless organisational skills, making every sidestep and stopover an adventure on its own.

When you choose to travel on an overland Safari through Africa from South Africa to Kenya with Africa4us offers you an in-depth and unique perspective of this continent of contrasts that has lured adventurous travellers to its shores for centuries.

If you would like to take on your African adventure in comfort and style then Africa4us is standing by to take you on a life-changing safari which will forever keep Africa in your heart.