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The Best Places to Camp in Namibia

Make one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World your playground

Bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge is one of top five adrenalin experiences on the planet and for good reason. Adrenaline junkies go crazy for that four-second free fall through a roaring, misty gorge followed by glorious minutes of swinging in the presence of one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World.

Of course, plunging into the abyss is not the only way to enjoy this spectacular world heritage site. There are many (less adrenaline-inducing) ways to experience the majestic Victoria Falls, like taking a scenic helicopter flight, white water rafting, bridge swinging, and just breathing in the spectacular view from as many angles as possible. Read more about the Victoria Falls here.


See the Okavango from an African gondola

Our guests love exploring the Okavango by means of a Mokoro – a traditional Delta dugout canoe. Sit back and relax as your African gondolier takes you into the flourishing Okavango with only the sounds of the kingfishers, frogs, and the teeming reeds around you. Not a bad way to relax after a day of African adventures. Read more here.


Take the adventure into your own hands

Africa4Us is the first company to introduce custom-built Polaris Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs) to the African continent. What does this mean for you? It means that you no longer have to be the idle passenger of your African adventure. You get to drive your own all-terrain 4×4 vehicle through the rivers, dust, rocky terrains and mountains of Namibia. Does this sound like your kind of Ultimate Adventure Tour? Then you should read our blog to find out more.


Have real, authentic African cultural experiences

Authentic interactions with the local people is a big priority for our guests. The good news is that you’ll be able to enjoy this highlight in various forms on all of our tours. Whether it be dancing with the San (Bushmen), getting your travel aches and pains relieved by a Sangoma (an African traditional healer) or just making the rounds at the local curio shops, you’ll be sure to take something special home from the heart of Mother Africa. And if you want to know more about any location, its history or any particular culture, feel free to strike up a conversation with your Africa4Us crew. All of our crew members are highly knowledgeable and extremely passionate about Africa.


A laid-back approach to wildlife viewing

There is no doubt that you’ll be seeing plenty of animals on your African Overland Adventure Tour but there is something very special about seeing these animals from the water. A slow boat cruise down the Chobe river not only makes for a very relaxed wildlife viewing opportunity, but it also offers a unique perspective.

Wild animals come to the river to drink, bathe, play and sometimes even to pray on others. You’ll see creatures and behaviours that you don’t often see on land or even at watering holes – and the best part is, you don’t have to endure a bumpy ride to experience it. You can just sip your favourite cocktail as the boat cruises into the sunset. Now isn’t that the way to end off a day in Africa?


We hope that this list of highlights will help you decide which path to choose for your African Overland Tour. Herewith another 5 best-hidden gems to visit while you visit in Africa. And if you’re still unsure, just remember that with Africa4Us, all paths lead to adventure. Give us a call (+27 21 200 5766) and we’ll help you choose the right adventure for you.

Nothing screams adventure more than the Polaris Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs) that Africa4us has introduced on their “Ultimate Adventure Tours”.  As the name suggests – virtually no terrain is off limits to these new 4×4 beasts – and with their power and agility, exploring the landscapes of Namibia has never been more exhilarating.

Once you strap yourself into the seats of these all-terrain vehicles water and mud become your friends. Go off the beaten track to scale the peaks of mountains looking for wildlife, or plunge into muddy valleys and shallow rivers to get a fresh perspective on the environment surrounding you. The variety of terrains found in this daring landscape, combined with the fact that Africa4Us is the first tour company to introduce these UTVs to this special spot in Africa, means that you’re in for the ride of a lifetime, and the best part is: you’re in control – we’re merely here to guide you.

Whether you want to do game viewing, a sunset drive for a couple of hours or you want to do an overnight trip to have the full experience of what the UTVs can do, our team of professional guides will be right there to show you the way and to make sure that you’re as comfortable as you can be while still preserving the adventurous feeling one has on a 4×4 Ultimate Adventure Tour. This means all safety gear, drinks, snacks and a comfy spot to sleep if you’re doing an overnight trip.

Your professional local guide will lead the way, but all of our tours are self-drive, so you have all the control in your hands and you’re free to rip up the soil however you want, leaving your stresses and worries behind in the dust.

We have tours to suit every party. Whether you’re a group of friends, a family or you’re flying solo and looking for an interesting way to meet other bold-hearted adventure seekers – we’ve got a tour for you.

If you’re looking for a beautiful sunset tour with stunning scenery and bushmen paintings on the way, our 2-hour Brandberg Sunset Drive is for you (link). If you prefer something a bit more extensive, you will enjoy our 4 hour White Lady Drive (link). You’ll still be able to see the bushman paintings but this route takes you over various terrains so you can put your wheels to the test.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous and you’re ready to get wet, why not try the Ugab River Nature Drive (link)? Make your way through swamps and river beds to get to the open savannah landscape where Springbok, Zebra, Steenbok, Oryx, Ostrich, Cheetah and even Elephants roam.

And finally, for those who want to take their Ultimate Adventure Tour to the next level, there’s the Overnight Trip (link). Be amongst the first people ever to do this trip in Africa. You’ll have two days to explore the Brandberg area with all its natural splendour and its truly wild game. Set up camp next to the river and enjoy a night under the stars in a spot where no ordinary tour vehicles can go.

The only thing left to ask is: Are you ready to get down and dirty with Africa? If you are, get in touch at or book your tour through our website here

Namibia is situated in the southwest of Africa and is known for the Namib Desert cascading along its Atlantic Ocean Coast. Namibia as its neighbours is home to diverse wildlife including its cheetah population. Our 10 Days Namibia Explored tour starts and ends in Namibia’s capital – Windhoek, which has high German colonial-era buildings and architecture such as Christ Church, which was built in 1907. You will have the opportunity to explore this unique city, on Day 1 of your tour (we suggest a pre and post night), walk along the streets, meet the locals and even try some local cuisine. Walk around the markets and purchase some unique Namibian artwork or gifts.

Namibia however, hosts a variety of different ethnic groups; and therefore one particular dish cannot be singled out.
Here are a few, which you may also find in other countries around Africa:

  • Potjie Kos – basically this dish is prepared and cooked in a large, black three-legged cast iron pot which has been placed over an open fire.
  • Braaivleis – also known as a ‘barbeque’.
  • Boerewors – South African influence, and is also known as a beef sausage.
  • Biltong – Dried meat, that has been marinated for days and then spiced.
  • Mopane worms – Caterpillars which are fried to get a crispy coating.
  • Kapana – this is more of a local street snack and sold in Namibia’s townships.
  • Tripe – also known as offal (Stomachs).

Etosha National Park is one of our favourite locations in Namibia, with their salt pan drawing game including rhinos and giraffes, you are bound to get some great photos! If you are an avid photographer, and looking for your next National Geographic photo, then Namibia is one of the places to visit!

Visit the famous White Lady Bushmen Painting in Brandberg. You will have the option of a self-drive guided tour, in one of our Polaris Utility Terrain Vehicles. Soak in the scenery along the riverbed with multicoloured rocks that take on a variety of shades of flaming orange in the late afternoon. Once you have arrived at your destination, the chance of you seeing the famous desert elephant are high, as they can often be seen wandering on the premises.
Namibia has so much to offer, and what a fabulous way to experience this country, and getting to know a variety of people from different backgrounds!

We look forward to seeing you on your next African Adventure!

Written by: Daina Walters

There are an abundance of overland travel companies in Africa but choosing the right one is not always easy.  You need to take into account how many years an overland company has been operating successfully, the size of the operation, experience and background of the tour guides as well as the level of comfort and safety that is offered on each tour or safari in Africa.

Africa4us has a proud record that has stood the test of time over 16 years as a successful, well organised overland travel company, offering a wide selection of overland tours and safaris that will take you to many parts of Africa that you may only have dreamed of visiting until now.

Our safety record is outstanding and our customers trust us to show them the depth of beauty and culture of Africa in the safest, most enriching environment and with our tour guides who focus on bringing their extensive knowledge and experience of the various regions, we are able to create unforgettable experiences for our customers.

All of our team at Africa4us are proud ambassadors for Africa who want nothing more than to encourage all our customers to come back for more of this magical country, and, as born and bred Africans you can be assured that you will have a ground-level experience that will bring your up close to the real rhythm, energy and beauty that is Africa, as well as offering you the opportunity to engage the locals through their cultural experiences.

Based on our experience, we know what it is like to spend several hours a day in a vehicle, which is precisely why we make our vehicles roomy and comfortable with access to windows so that you do not miss a thing on the journey.

We have had travellers who have left our shores with unforgettable memories that enrich their lives and inspire others to take the same journey with Africa4us for many years, knowing that they will experience the same high quality experience that should be the accepted norm for any overland travel company.  Word of mouth is our most effective advertising tool, which means that we are able to include more activities and superior equipment on our tours instead of spending that money on expensive advertising campaigns, and this word of mouth advertising speaks volumes for our reputation formed over 16 years, making us an easy choice for your African adventure.

An Africa4us traveller’s experience – Opuwo to Etosha National Park and Windhoek.

Leaving Opuwo at the crack of dawn was well worth the adventure that lay ahead with an early arrival at Etosha National Park planned. As usual, the Africa4us kept everything running smoothly and on schedule, and just entering the gates of Etosha was exciting itself!

The first leg in Etosha would be heading for Olifantsrus Camp Site for our second night of camping, but it would be a very slow drive, making it our first game drive in Etosha. Between our driver, who seemed to have eyes that could spot an ant at a thousand feet, our very special guide and the rest of us, it was not long before we caught site of our first elephant in the distance, a few dik diks, Eland, Giraffes and Springbok, all of which had us acting like excited kids.

Our two lady crew knew where to look for all the places the different animals would choose for shelter from the heat of the day, but getting to the first watering hole was truly an unforgettable experience!  This was the first time we had been able to get this close to the animals, and the variety of species sharing the waterhole was incredible.  Zebras, Wildebeest, Springbok, Kudu’s, Oryx, Dik Diks, Giraffes and even a few Ostriches, all cavorting in and around the waterhole, but the cherry on top was the sight of a large herd of Elephants a bit of a distance away.

Everyone in that truck were begging those elephants to come to watering hole, holding our breath collectively, until finally the matriarch finally made the first move, in our direction!  Naturally we had to keep dead quiet, using only the softest of whispers to communicate, but it was hard not to dance and shout for joy.

We sat there for a long time watching the two babies of the herd cavorting around the waterhole under the very watchful eyes of the matriarch and the rest of the herd.  We finally had to tear ourselves away in order to make our camp site at Olifantsrus, but it was done with great difficulty.

Even after a long drive in the morning and the hours we spent on our game drive, the crew had our tents up in no time, with tables and chairs set out under the awning that pulls out from the top of the truck.  Once everything was set up, our unflagging team set out on yet another late afternoon game drive that brought more of the same thrills as our first one had, and this time we hit pay dirt with a pride of lions that were busy feasting on their latest kill.

Fully satiated for the day, or so we thought, we headed back to camp, where supper was prepared in no time, as usual, but there was more in store for us!  Olifantsrus has a small watering hole that has a viewing tower reached by a ramp that provides a reddish light for night game viewing, and with bellies full we headed for the tower after sunset.

What we got was more than any of us had ever expected!  To stand 5 metres away from an elephant at a waterhole, undisturbed in its natural surroundings is an experience that must be had at least once in your lifetime, so whatever you do, make an African experience a priority on your bucket list.

Our 12th day and second one in Etosha took us on yet another adventure-filled game drive to our next rest stop at Okaukeujo Rooms, and this second day was just as exciting as our previous day, with too many special moments and sights to be able to convey in words, with a crew who opened our eyes to so much information about the habits of the wildlife we came across that we were overwhelmed by the treasures that unfolded around us.

Our final night in Etosha was spent in the same comfort that we had experienced throughout our trip, and although there was once again much laughter and fun around the fire at dinner, it was a bittersweet evening for us, knowing that the next leg of our journey would take us to Windhoek and finally to the airport to go our separate ways.

It was a long journey to Windhoek from Etosha, leaving us just enough time to freshen up at our hotel and head out to our final evening together.  Joe’s Beerhouse is one of the best known and well loved restaurants in Windhoek, and this is where we had our final feast, reminiscing over the highlights of our trip, the gallons of water we had consumed and the funny moments shared along the way.

We checked out of our Windhoek hotel early to get to the airport, and by the time we had all our baggage off our beloved Lepelle, with goodbyes said, many of us watched our two ‘lady’ crew pull away with a real sadness in our hearts.

This is an adventure none of us will ever forget, and from the stories our Africa4us team told us about their adventures further into the heart of Africa, many will be coming back to explore this beautiful continent again.

This was an overland tour done in style and luxury, and time after time when we crossed paths with other tour companies, we knew we had made the best choice of all to take the trip with the passionate team from Africa4us!

‘Exquisite Cape Tour’ day 7 to 10 – An Africa4us traveller’s experience – Swakopmund to ‘The White Lady’ Bushmen painting and on to a Himba settlement experience in Opuwo.

Arriving in Swakopmund was literally a breath of very welcome fresh air after the desert heat!  Travelling along the coast road to Swakopmund we had the desert on one side, and the ocean on the other, which must be the only place in the world where people live between the desert and the ocean!

Swakopmund itself is a bustling town caught between modern times and the architectural legacy of the German settlers that is still very clearly in evidence wherever you go.  We were all looking forward to exploring all that Swakopmund has to offer for two whole days, from skydiving to kayaking, 4×4 dune rides or the slower pace of a visit to the Aquarium.  The luxury of our hotel was well beyond our expectations, and we certainly made the most of those two days, resting, exploring little German coffee shops and eating like kings on local specialities.

At this point I would like to say that our tour guide and driver really proved how much they love what they do and their knowledge of the history, flora, fauna and wildlife everywhere in Namibia is phenomenal.  There was never a moment when they were too tired to give us the best of themselves, their knowledge and endless energy.  They did everything in their power to keep us entertained across hundreds of kilometres with titbits of information about the areas we travelled through, sharing their deep and abiding love for the beauty of Namibia and its people.

After two days of relaxation, we were ready for the excitement of visiting the site of the bushman painting known as ‘The White Lady’, situated in the Brandburg Mountains, which has the highest concentration of Bushmen paintings in Namibia.  Because we had arrived in midday heat, our Africa4us crew gave us the option to go or not, due to the high temperature, but, a few of us decided we were going to give it a good shot anyway.

Armed with tons of sunscreen, water and a hat, off we went with a fantastic local guide, feeling pretty brave at the start of it.  The presence of Elephants was evident everywhere, from their dung to trees they had damaged, and our guide pointed out the footprints of a leopard along the way as well as informing us that wild horses also made the area their home.  I have to confess that I was the first to give up just before the halfway mark, find a large shady rock, and wait for the others. Not even the thought of a passing elephant or leopard could have made me move a step further; however, there were quite a few groups who also found the intense heat a bit hard to bear, so I didn’t feel too bad.

As we sat under the shade of the rock, our guide Monica, who grew up in the area told us so much about the history of the area and the legend of ‘The White Lady’ that it was as if we had seen it ourselves, which went a long way towards making it a really fun experience despite the challenge.

After lunch prepared by our fantastic crew, we left Brandburg for a stopover at Khorixas Rooms, all of us getting more excited about the fact that every kilometre from there would be taking us to Etosha Wildlife Game Park.  As usual, our tireless Africa4us crew set out our dinner and went over the plans for the next day, which would take us to Opuwo Country Lodge and the experience of spending time in a traditional Himba settlement, as well as visiting another Africa4us Kids Project, where we would be delivering school supplies and lots of staple food to the community.

Arriving in Opuwo, the first thing we did was hit the local general dealer to stock up on stationary and food to take with us to the local school.  Our welcome at the school was very touching and the smiles and laughter of the children as they chased a football around in the heat was amazing considering the lack of shade.  After handing over all our goodies, the school principal and others bundled us into 4×4 vehicles to take us over some really rough terrain to reach the Himba settlement we would be visiting.

Learning about the customs and traditions of the Himbas, who still live as they have for hundreds of years in their mud huts with thatched roofs was fascinating. We met with the chief of the particular settlement we visited, just one of many dotted around the area, and with the help of the school principal, we were able to learn more about how they go about their daily lives.  They are a very proud people who live entirely off the land and the goats they tend, telling time by the movement of the sun and the stars.

By the time we got to Opuwo Country Lodge at dusk, we were all ready for a quick shower, after which we sat looking out over the infinity pool as the sun finally set in a spectacular display of natural art.  While we were enjoying a bit of relaxation, our tireless crew were preparing our dinner.

Eating great food in good company under the stars is an experience not to be missed, there is just something so special about sitting around a fire surrounding by nothing but the sights and sounds of Mother Nature!

We would be making another early start the next day to get to Etosha, so once the washing up of dishes was done, the chairs and tables packed away, we all headed for bed, ready to face the excitement of the game drives to come!

Watch this space for the next instalment of our Africa4us Exquisite Cape Tour.

An Africa4us traveller’s experience – Sesreim Rest Camp to Dune 45, Sossusvlei and Gobabeb.

Taking leave from Canyon Roadhouse Rooms at sunrise on our fourth day, we made our way to Sesriem Rest Camp, a journey we had been warned would be a long one, we made enough stops along the way in order to stretch our legs, stock up on munchies and cool drinks, which we stored in our fridge on the truck. This was where there was much hilarity when we were introduced to the phrase ‘bushy bushy’, which in short, was the term we were to use if we needed a loo stop in the middle of nowhere, since there were going to be long stretches in some areas with no ablution facilities!

Protecting the environment was at the top of the list of priorities for our crew, and every one of us on the tour was happy to share their enthusiasm for the protection of the delicate balance of the ecology in the areas we visited.

For hundreds of kilometres on the way to Seisreim Rest Camp there was no visible life, but with the encyclopaedic knowledge of our guide, we began to understand just how well inhabited  these vast stretches of arid land are by small creatures who have adapted to the conditions, both above and below the surface. When we stopped for lunch, again literally in the middle of nowhere, we sat in the shade of a tree that gave us our first introduction to the sociable weaver bird, a fascinating society of tiny birds who build giant communal and intricate nests, with a security system of thorns pointing outwards from the openings to protect the weavers from predators.

Before reaching Sesreim Rest Camp, we stopped off for a tour through the smaller but no less beautiful Sesreim Canyon, where our guide explained the clearly defined layers of rock and sand that had formed over the centuries by forces of nature and water, although the river bed is completely dry and has been for many years now.

The impressive organisational skills of our guide made yet another arrival at a new destination a breeze, bringing us into Sesreim Rest Camp early enough for us to sit around shooting the breeze and swapping stories amid gales of laughter.  I don’t think any of us were prepared for the speed with which our crew of two set up camp, it took an amazing five minutes to set up each tent, and before we knew it, dinner was on the go!

Namibia is in the middle of one of the worst droughts to hit the country, and everywhere we went there were pleas to conserve water, so we got accustomed to super quick showers just to wash the dust off and cool down to do our part for water conservation.  A word of warning: stock up on water at every stop or you will be in danger of dehydration very quickly!  The rain we left behind in Cape Town was by now an exceptionally distant memory!

After a quick shower and divine supper, we sat around the fire shooting the breeze, before retiring to our tents, well zipped up against any small intruders like scorpions and their ilk. We slept in sheer comfort on our specially designed dual density camping mattresses and Africa4us complimentary memory foam travel pillow!  One of us met a beautiful silver backed fox when nature called, while another had a larger encounter with an Oryx making its way through the camp site, but it was definitely more adventurous and exciting than it was frightening.


We were up before dawn to beat anyone else wanting to get to the top of Dune 45 for a sunrise in a million, and we did a good job of it too!  There were definite moments of hilarity as some of us crawled and fell our way up the ledge of this world renowned dune, but we were all determined to reach the top, come hell or high water!  The magic of sunrise from the top of this dune was more than worth the effort, with a view of the first rays moving across dunes as far as the eye could see.  Once the sun was up completely, we made a fun and easy descent, to find yet another first class breakfast ready and waiting for us, and that first cup of coffee was like manna from heaven.

By the time we were sitting down to breakfast, many more tour buses had arrived with visitors from all around the world, and there we sat like visiting royalty, with the best breakfast layout and definitely the most beautiful truck in the parking area.  Her name was Lepelle, and everywhere we went, other tourists took pictures of her and other drivers wanted to have a look see.  To us, all the other tour buses and trucks looked cramped and uncomfortable in comparison, so I guess we did become a little possessive about her.

From sunrise on Dune 45 we took the short trip to Sossusvlei, where we transferred to special open air 4×4 trucks able to negotiate treacherously soft sand leading to the vlei. This is pristine desert at its best, with plants here and there that have adapted to desert conditions and even produce fruit that is used by various tribes for its nourishing and healing properties.

After an easy walk across the soft sand dotted with areas that are small islands of salt pans, the pure white sands of Deadvlei in the midst of the red sands of Sossusvlei is stunning, and with trees that are 900 years old and a few hundred years towards becoming fully petrified, it is a photographer’s paradise in contrasts.

After Sossusvlei we struck out for the Gobabeb Research Station, and after reaching our destination in the late afternoon, we all had time to freshen up and relax before heading off to a dinner laid out for us by the locals.  Everyone had their UV lights ready for a night scorpion hunt, although not all of us were as keen as others to join in, but those that did were well satisfied with the success, which also turned up a few really beautiful lizards.

After breakfast on our 6th day, we were off on a tour of the research facility at Gobabeb, which measures everything from desert weather patterns to beetles and lizards.  It was an awesome experience to visit the library containing handwritten notes dating back to the sixties of the many scientists who had done research in Gobabeb, which actually started when one man set his caravan in the middle of nowhere to become the first researcher to make Gobabeb his home.

Leaving Gobabeb we were all looking forward to a short two hour drive that would bring us to the land between the desert and the ocean for two days in Swakopmund.

Watch this space for the next instalment of our Africa4us Exquisite Cape Tour.





That’s me for now; watch this space for the next three days of our adventure from Cape Town to Namibia with the exceptional team from Africa4us.

An Africa4us traveller’s experience – Cape Town to Kamieskroon in Namaqualand and on to the Fish River Canyon.
The Africa4us team welcomed us warmly to the night before the start of our 14 day trek through Namibia, with an introduction to everything we could expect on our journey through Namibia. After a great meal and good night’s rest at a top Cape Town V&A Waterfront hotel, we all bundled into the luxurious truck that would take us thousands of kilometres to Windhoek.
Despite the fact that it rained the whole day as we left Cape Town, our spirits were high and comfort levels even higher with all the personal space we each had to ourselves. With a window seat on either side of the aisle and a box next to us containing a safe for our valuables, as well as USB charging points to keep mobile phones, cameras and laptops powered up, we knew we were in for a truly luxurious overland tour of note.
Our first overnight stay after a delicious lunch served up by our tour guide, who was a magician at creating food that was simply divine at our road stop, was in the small Namaqualand community of Kamieskroon. Before going to our hotel, we stopped off at the local school to donate books brought by the team of Africa4us to the library of the local home for underprivileged boys and girls who come from many communities in Namaqualand.
We then went on to the Kamieskroon Hotel, and despite the continued rain, our exceptional tour guide and driver treated us to a braai (BBQ for those not from sunny South Africa) and side dishes that had us rolling to our beds with full belly’s. After a good night’s rest we were treated to the real thing as far as a true South African breakfast is concerned, right down to homemade marmalade and ‘moer koffie’.
From there it was a half day journey to the Namibian border, where our crossing was made easy by our guide, not to mention our fantastic driver who knew exactly how to deal with border police in the politest of terms, having made the crossing thousands of times. By then the sun had come out, and by the time we got to the Felix Unite Rooms on the Namibian side of the Orange River, which is call the Gariep River, we had divested ourselves of our warm layers.
While we were shown to our rooms situated beautifully right above the river, the seemingly inexhaustible team of guide and driver got lunch ready, including starting the preparation for dinner. The views across the river, the birdsong and call of the fish eagle were the perfect background music as we set about exploring the riverbanks. A five star dinner was served as usual, complete with flowers and candles on the table, with much laughter and a ton of fun had listening to the stories our well travelled guide and driver shared with us about their many journeys throughout Africa.
Day three started early as we had a long trip ahead to reach the Fish River Canyon by late afternoon. Our lunch stop was at the Ai-Ais Hot Springs resort, where we all stripped off for a well earned dive into the healing warmth of the natural spring water that feeds the main swimming pool. None of us got too close to the closed off section of one of the springs festooned with warning signs about the extreme heat of the water, it was easy to see from the steam rising up that even to dip a toe into that water would mean losing it! After another five star lunch prepared magically out of an incredibly well equipped and organised kitchen on the lower level of the truck, it was off on our final leg to Fish River Canyon.
We were all incredibly grateful for the luxury reclining seats with their ergonomically oversized backrests designed by Africa4us on this leg of the journey, what with the very gravelly trip to the first viewing point at Fish River Canyon.
What an experience, looking out across a vast expanse of canyon carved out by thousands of years by the Fish River, everyone quiet and in awe of the shades of colour created by shifting shadows and the beautiful sounds of silence created by the wild empty spaces. Then it was a trip to the topmost viewing point for yet another perspective of this beautiful canyon, enjoying a light lunch cheese and biscuits. We had a more than a few beautiful little birds joining us for lunch, however, our crew, ever conscious of the delicate ecological issues that are thrown out of balance when humans feed wild life, gently explained why it would be best not to feed these winged little beauties for their own sake.
Leaving breathtaking Fish River Canyon behind, we headed off for the last leg of day three, aiming to reach Canyon Roadhouse Rooms by late afternoon, leaving us enough time to freshen up after the long hot day before dinner.
The Canyon Roadhouse Rooms was an experience in itself, with rusted trucks, cars and spare parts from bygone areas sprouting trees and succulents wherever we looked, as well as a windmill that looked as if it had come from another century. We sat down to dinner in a restaurant surrounded by front ends of old cars and ambulances, and walls plastered with very old number plates and signs from bygone times and from everywhere in the world, making it the most unique restaurant and stop over any of us had ever experienced, slap bang in the middle of nowhere.
Every evening our guide would sit with us to plan the next step along the way, the historic sites, communities and rampant wildlife that lives just beneath the surface of this arid region, and it was great to know what to expect of each day.

After an early breakfast at the Canyon Roadhouse Rooms it was off on the next leg of our journey, which would take us to the Sesriem Rest Camp for our first night of camping virtually in the middle of the desert and 45 kilometres away from Dune 45.
We knew that our fourth day on the road was going to be a long one, but the shifting sands of the Namib Desert were calling us, but at least we got to do it in comfort and style, with air conditioning making each day that got hotter a lot more bearable!
Watch this space for the next instalment of our Africa4us Exquisite Cape Tour.

Namibia is one of the largest countries in Africa, even by African standards, with miles and miles of an endless variety of wildlife species as well as being a country that offers an ever changing landscape of every kind.

For over 11, 000 years The San (Bushmen) have lived in this country and have left a visual legacy of their history dating back thousands of years on rocks and in caves scattered throughout Namibia.

Where desert meets ocean, the Skeleton Coast is aptly named because it is one of the harshest and wildest coastlines in Africa with more than a thousand ships have been shipwrecked where the desert meets the sand and is known to the San as ‘The land God made in anger’, and the contrast between desert and ocean is a sight not to be missed.

Rich in diamonds, wildlife and an endless horizon, Africa4us has tailored overland adventure tours to Namibia that will introduce you to Namibia’s vast desert landscape and show you the many captivating moods of this region, in the land where lions, elephants and rhino’s roam freely.

From the unrivalled beauty of a sunset at the Fish River Canyon and journeying in comfort across the Namib Desert to the unique Etosha National Park, with its guarantee of sighting game as a result of the abundant wildlife that congregates around the various waterholes, Africa4us will transport you in a Premium Overland Safari Vehicle fitted with 20 luxury seats that ensure you get close to the land and experience all that the region has to offer in comfort.

With time to explore on your own and choose from activities like hikes or skydiving, Africa4us will take you on a journey that will allow you to soak up the beauty and diversity of Southern Africa and our team of experienced locals will offer you guidance on which overland tour would be the perfect one for your adventure if you have not already made up your mind.