If you would really like to know what you will be in for on your Africa4us adventure tour of Southern and Eastern Africa, then tuning in to the insider look that Kathy Ireland will be doing on her Modern Living Show section entitled ‘Explored the Trip of a Lifetime with Africa4us’ on the 19th of February will get your excitement levels right up!

Kathy will give you insider insight on how to book for your bucket-list trip to Africa without breaking the bank with an unmatched for value Africa4us African adventure tour, a tour that will be done in hitherto unknown comfort, which has made Africa4us the number one African Premium Adventure Tour.

Africa4us has certainly earned this type of recognition for their completely different approach to African overland tours, instead of spending a fortune on advertising they put everything into giving the best experience to travellers, relying on word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied travellers who consistently recommend the Africa4us way of touring Africa to do the rest!

Modern Living will introduce you to the principles which have made Africa4us the success story it is, with their determination to focus more on giving their travellers the real experience of Africa instead of rushing them to as many locations in as little time as possible, missing the true essence of Africa along the way.  Africa4us shows Africa to travellers in a way that they can see what the locals see and have a true grassroots experience which brings them into contact with the incredible diversity of flora, fauna and the people of this beautiful continent.

With two different travel styles offered on their tours, Africa4us offer Premium Camping Adventure Tours with groups of up to 20 travellers and Premium Accommodated Adventure Tours catering to a maximum of only 12 people, Africa4us is able to bring Africa as up close and personal as you would like it to be.

Africa4us not only offers true value for money on these adventure tours, they also introduce you to the role they play in projects developed by themselves to create a socially responsible tour, where books, food and toys are shared with various communities and the children in them, along the way.

Local and fresh activities have been introduced on the Africa4us adventure tours to keep up with the way that travel through Africa has been evolving, with most of the activities included in the price of the tour.  Another unique strand that weaves the magic of Africa4us cohesively is that they are a rare African adventure company that warmly welcomes solo travellers into the fold, bringing them into the family that will be created on any Africa4us overland tour.

Modern Living will focus on all these points from an international perspective in full colour during the Kathy Ireland interview with CEO and founder of Africa4us Pieter Meyer on the 19th of February. Make sure you tune in to the show to get a sense of just how close Africa4us brings travellers into direct contact with Africa in a way that will feed the soul and fill the memory of any traveller fortunate enough to join the Africa4us family on an overland tour through Africa that will be unforgettable!