African Budget Safaris

Adventure Safaris and Overland Tours are exciting ways of seeing the African continent that distinguishes itself from tour and travel styles in other parts of the world. Africa4us offer unique journeys through grasslands, savanna’s and beautiful landscapes teaming with wildlife. Southern Africa has become one of the most favourite destinations for tourists and travellers all over the world. An African Safari Vacation is the true way to explore the many cultures and communities that call Africa home. Overland Africa Camping Safari surely is the ultimate way of adventure and to experience true Africa.

Whether you are planning to meet the locals to experience their culture or to experience a close-up view of wildanimals in their natural habitat, then Africa4us is the best touroperator you are looking for. Our tours cover most of East and Southern Africa so you have a wide selection of tour to choose from.  You will get achance to observe wildlife in a multitude of Conservation Areas – including lions, elephants, cheetahs, wildebeest, antelope and many other species.Africa4usoffers African safari packages and tours that caters for your bucket-list of adventurescovering South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe & Kruger Camping, Cape& Namibia Camping, Wildlife & Victoria Falls Camping and many more.

As an experienced tour operator in Africa, we offer a wide range of African budget safaris along with wide range of destinations in South and East Africa. There’s plenty of choice on trip styles too, as we offer from overland style camping safaris to accommodated lodge type safaris and family friendly holidays.