Africa4us Premium Accommodated Overland Tour
14 Days Okavango Delta & Victoria Falls to Johannesburg Accommodated Adventure

Camping out in Africa is not the idea of a perfect African adventure for many travelers, just the thought of what could just outside of your tent as they try to catch a few zzzz’s in surroundings far removed from the hustle and bustle of their home city is enough to send shivers up their spine!

If you come from a city like New York, London, Rome, Paris or any other fast moving city, the vast open spaces that stretch as far as the eye can see are more than enough to take in, without the camping bit and possible scary nights thrown in!

Africa4us has laid on special overland safari adventures for travellers who are happy campers, and, with a safety record that is unrivalled in the industry after 18 years of traversing the length and breadth of Africa, every Africa4us camper has gone home safe and sound with a treasure trove of memories to last a lifetime!

But, back to the Premium Accommodated Overland Tours developed by Africa4us over the years, designed to give every traveller an experience of Africa that is without equal!

We have to start with the crew that will be taking you on this overland adventure, after all, they are the ones you will be relying on to keep everything running smoothly and to make sure that you are looked after every step of the way!

From the day they welcome you to your adventure, to the day you leave (by which time you might have tears in your eyes at parting with people who have become friends along the way!), you will spend your time with two people who absolutely love what they do and want nothing more than to give you an amazing experience!

Your guide and driver work as a team to give you the best possible experience of Africa; no Africa4us driver is just a ‘driver’, these are extra special people who seem to be endowed with the eyes of an eagle, always on the lookout for wildlife they are able to spot before anyone else so that you miss nothing!

Your Africa4us guide is a walking encyclopaedia, with a knowledge born of a passionate love for Africa giving them instant access to information about anything you see along the way, whether it’s an animal, bird or flower – on top of which they also do all they can to make you comfortable!

And now onto the luxury of an overland truck that stands head above shoulders of any others you will see along the way!  You’ll have your own luxury seat designed by the team at Africa4us, a first in the industry, which will make bumpy, rugged African roads (if you can call some of them that!) a whole lot easier to travel!

The Africa4us Premium Overland Safari Vehicle are designed to hold only 12 travellers so that each one is guaranteed a window seat (no fighting for a chance to get to the window!) and a special box in which to stash your goodies, charge cell phones, cameras or laptops, and also keep passports & money tucked up in your own little safe!

Most of your meals out on the road will be rustled up by the crew, and you can believe that you will be eating five star all the way, no matter how far you are from civilisation, but the team will also introduce you to some of the best local cuisine at restaurants along the way.

Everything is totally organised on these accommodated overland adventure tours, you will never be left hanging around for hours while your guide tries to find bookings or keys when all you want to do is to get into your lodge, hotel or bungalow to soak away some of the long days on the road!

Soak up Africa in all her glory in luxury and style, revel in the adventures along the way, the many indigenous tribes that still live their traditional lives in the 21st century and take home memories of a continent teeming with wildlife.

Visit Africa4us to find out a whole lot more about this phenomenal team that has taken African overland adventure tours to a completely different level as they chew up the miles across this vast continent – you could always visit a few of their videos on YouTube to get an audio-visual shot of excitement going as you plan your trip!


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