Imagine an adventure tour that will blow your mind and exceed your wildest dreams about Africa, a tour that puts you at the wheel of a tough little all-terrain-vehicle for scenic sunset drives to night time adventures?  Got the picture? Well, Africa4us has just brought those dreams to life for you and your adventure buddies!

Sunset Drive

We are proud to announce our new Ultimate Adventure Tour Product!  You will be heading off the beaten track in Damaraland, exploring the spectacular scenery around the Brandberg area, close to the site of the White Lady Bushman painting and the wildlife that calls this area home!

So what is so unique about this adventure tour?  It’s the fantastic thrill of exploring this area at the wheel of custom fitted Polaris all-terrain-vehicles, enjoying the challenge of negotiating rocky terrain, open savannahs, sand and river beds!

Ultimate Adventure Tours

Although you will be at the wheel, an Africa4us professional local guide will be with you through it all and operations are backed up with satellite phone communications and vehicle tracking, pretty essential when you are roaring through the wilds of Damaraland and its wildlife!

Ultimate Adventure Tours

Phase one of this Ultimate Adventure on four very tough wheels starts with several morning and afternoon tour options, covering everything from early morning 4×4 driving in the sand to a night drive in search of nocturnal animals!

If you are up for an early morning that will give you hours of fun and adventure, the White Lady Ultimate Adventure definitely has your name on it. Spin through a bit of 4×4 driving in the sand at the Ugab River before navigating rocky terrain that will take you through local villages on your way towards the famous Brandberg White Lady Bushmen painting!  The return to the White Lady Lodge will be one that follows the ins and outs of small tracks and riverbeds.  

The Ugab River Nature Drive offers you three hours of driving through swamps that are going to add real adventure to your 4×4 drive, and from there you move out into the open savannah landscapes which bring you closer to encounters with the wildlife of the area, such as Springbok, Zebra, Oryx, Ostrich, Cheetah, Elephant and Steenbok!  

Ultimate Adventure Tours

The Sunset Drive offers you a spectacular sunset experience through river beds and beautiful landscapes in search of the perfect spot to sit back and relax as you are served delicious snacks, giving you time to capture the best shots of the sun setting over the majestic Brandberg Mountain!

Ultimate Adventure Tours

There is life after dark in the beautiful area surrounding the Brandberg Mountain, which brings us to option four, which takes you out in your Polaris vehicle for a night drive to raconteur nocturnal animals and then to find a spot where you can experience the night sky like never before in this after dark adventure!

Ultimate Adventure Tours

Your ultimate 4×4 adventure with Africa4us is a thrill a minute, and in case you are thinking ‘what about drinks and snacks’ on these adventures, never fear, the crew from Africa4us also happen to be magicians who can rustle up the best fare in the middle of nowhere, all of which is included in the price of your chosen adventure!

Ultimate Adventure Tours

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