Adventures within the adventure of an African overland safari tour with Africa4us!
Best of Eastern Africa Southbound Premium CAMPING Adventure

Yep, it’s the ultimate African adventure, and it’s all about the journey across thousands of dusty roads or bumpy rides off the muddy beaten track to reach destinations only dreamed of on an overland safari.

Meeting indigenous people who still live in a forgotten century, getting close to the entire spectrum of wildlife ranging from the majestic Big Five in the Okavango Delta, to the smallest beetle eking out an existence beneath the surface of the Namib and Kalahari Deserts, these are all just a fraction of what awaits any traveller finally ticking the box on their bucket list that says ‘go on an African adventure’!

There is also another side to this adventure of a lifetime, and that is the range of exciting activities and experiences awaiting you at various stops along the way, especially for those with a hankering for serious adrenaline highs!

On the more sedate side of African activities on an overland safari is a slow sunset boat cruise along the Chobe River, gently gliding past game like elephant, buffalo, kudu, hippo, giraffe and sable as they slake their thirst along the edge of the river, and you slake yours on your favourite cocktail.  

Exploring the Okavango by Mokoro, which is a traditional Delta dugout canoe, is a unique experience not to be missed! Sitting back and going with the flow as an African gondolier glides you soundlessly through reed beds teeming with dragonflies, frogs and kingfishers turns chilling in Africa into an art!

On the other end of the scale, adrenaline junkies can take to the water for white water rafting or bungee jumping at Victoria Falls, or hop into a helicopter for a real bird’s eye view of the sheer magnificence of the Victoria Falls and the stunning beauty of rain forests surrounding them.

Taking a pony trek in Lesotho is a must for anyone who can stay on the back of a four-legged animal, and if you really want to go out on a limb to do something completely different, visit a local Sangoma, which is a traditional healer, to relieve you of any aches and pains sustained on your adventure!

These are just a few of the added titbits hidden in your African Safari overland tours assembled with great care by the Africa4us team, they will show you what a truly authentic African adventure really is from a passionate local perspective!  Keep your eyes peeled for some of the fabulous specials available on the Africa4us website as well, book your luxury seat and pack your bags for the adventure of a lifetime!

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