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The Safest and Most Secure Way to Experience the Beauty and Culture of Africa

19+ Years of Travel Excellence

Travellers have enjoyed our tours throughout Southern and Eastern Africa for the past 20 years

High Quality Experiences

We are locally born and bred Africans, and as proud ambassadors of Africa, we strive to give our customers the ground-level experience.

Our Story

Our team is very proud to have hosted travellers from every nation around the world on our exciting and memorable tours throughout Southern and Eastern Africa. Our B2B (Business to Business) Company started operations in 1999 and focused on providing our services to the Travel Trade predominantly – the experience and exposure we have acquired through the 19 years of operation led to the creation of Africa4us in 2015 – a new B2C (Business to Customer) company focused on providing Premium Quality Tours at affordable prices. All our travellers have left their mark on us by rating Africa4us as having the best safety track record in our industry, as well as leaving an indelible impression on our teams with their high praise for true customer satisfaction on these adventures of a lifetime.

With vehicles that have travelled millions of African miles, and team members who have spent thousands of hours ensuring that our travellers return home safely with the most unforgettable memories of their enriching African Adventure! We are passionate about Africa and want nothing more than to share the love we have for this beautiful continent rich in wildlife, jungles, endless savannahs and scenery that begs to be experienced at least once in a lifetime.

Africa4us is deeply committed to protecting the environment and we make sure that our tours reflect this commitment.  We give back to many of the communities that we come into contact with, with contributions of stationary and toys. Join us for a journey through Africa that will completely change your perspective of this great continent.