Top African safari overland tour packages by your trusted adventure tour company

10 Days Namibia Explorer 2019

10 Days Namibia Explorer Accommodated Adventure Why book this tour?
10 Days
12 Seater

10 Days Ultimate Namibia Wilderness 2019

10 Days Ultimate Namibia Wilderness Serviced Camping Adventure Why book
10 Days
12 Seater

12 Days Cape & Namibia Camping 2019

12 Days Cape & Namibia Serviced Camping Adventure Why book
12 Days
Max 20

Self-drive Guided Overnight Trip

Completely new and different overnight adventure ever experienced in Africa!

Self-drive Guided Sunset Drive

2 Hours Ultimate Adventure sunset drive is exactly what you

Self-drive Guided Ugab River Nature Drive

Choose between 3 or 1,5 hours drive to experience this

Self-drive Guided White Lady Drive

4 Hours of pure enjoyment and incredible scenery!


Premium Overland Safari Vehicle – Accommodated Tours

Adventure Overland Safari Vehicle – Camping Tours  


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For adventure-seeking travellers like you, Africa is close to the top of millions of bucket lists! If you are ready to tick the box, get ready for extraordinary sights and teeming wildlife that is the heart of Africa. With Africa4us you can experience it all with our small group guided African safari overland tours.

Seeing lions, leopards, rhino, elephant and buffalo in their natural environment teeming with an abundance of other wildlife is yours for the taking, just pick one of our adventure tours and book your African safari overland tour today!